wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

Help Needed: spamassassin-3.3.0 coming soon

Test RPMS for Fedora 10+, RHEL-4 and RHEL-5.  Rawhide has this version too.

Upstream says there are no remaining serious issues left for release.  They are fixing a few minor bugs and hopefully releasing 3.3.0 in about 2 months.

The main concern for release is to improve the qualty of the scores.  At the moment there are only five people participating in the NightlyMassCheck used for weekly score generation.  More volunteers are needed to follow the HandClassifiedCorpora procedure, where manually sorted Spam and Ham (non-Spam) are fed into the masscheck script on a nightly basis, and logs are uploaded for statistical analysis.  They especially need real persons with a mix of opt-in commercial e-mail (Ham) and unwanted Spam.  Please read NightlyMassCheck if you want to help improve spamassassin's accuracy for everybody.

Reminder: If you use spamassassin, you should edit /etc/cron.d/sa-update and enable nightly score updates.

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