wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

Post-FUDCon: K12Linux Status

FUDCon was over the past weekend.  Eric Harrison and I planned on using the two hackfest days to get the bulk of the LTSP5 integration into Fedora done.  Unfortunately there proved to be far too many distractions of other things going on at FUDCon (cool shizzit going on).  I personally managed to resolve several  long standing issues in a few packages with only a few minutes of face-time with certain developers that I rarely see in person.  Subsequent to FUDCon, Toshio Kuratomi joined us for focused hacking on Monday and part of Tuesday.  Toshio was a huge boost to our efforts before he flew back to California mid-day Tuesday.

We are now *close* to having it work.  Starting from the LTSP5 Debian-centric upstream, each step along the way of this integration was done with the intent to make it suitable for upstream inclusion.  All packages except ltsp itself (contains ltsp-client and ltsp-server sub-packages) have been submitted for package review.

Dear Jeremy or Peter, please review these sorely needed changes for mkinitrd to make it possible to support network booting from a single initrd image.  Note: This is NOT the bash-branch.

Theoretically we could have it working in time for Fedora 9 Alpha freeze, which after the 1 week slip is now Tuesday, January 22nd.  I fear however that the gdm rewrite may make it unusable.  We will soon see.

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