wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

AMD Geode Development

Today the amd X.org driver is utterly broken in Fedora 8 for most AMD Geode hardware, and I found information about it to be difficult to find.  After a few hours of working on it...

We now have all known information surrounding the AMD Geode X.org driver in a centralized place on this Wiki page.  A new public discussion list was also created to centralize development, testing and debugging discussion that was previously balkanized.


Jordan Crouse of AMD wrote this hopeful welcome message to the new list.  It sounds that AMD has limited resources to work on the X driver, but Jordan is now making a good gesture to reach out to the distributions and build a community to multiply his efforts of driver development.

Keep up this spirit of community building, Jordan.  Please encourage AMD to be a true community partner.

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