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Red Hat Summer Intern: Python Web Programming


Job Description

Paid Intern Job through runs through May 14th and August 14th.
This position requires use of the Python programming language with the Turbogears web application framework and a RDBMS database backend. This position would be responsible to drive not just the implementation of software deliverables, but also the creation of a community project that works on its design and implementation.

Location: Red Hat's Westford, MA or Raleigh, NC office. Work Remote over Internet is possible if you have the ability to work closely with our engineers located in the American EDT timezone.

Job Requirements

  • (REQUIRED) Python Programming Language experience
  • (REQUIRED) SQL and RDBMS experience (preferable PostgreSQL), theory of database schema normalization
  • (REQUIRED) HTML experience
  • (REQUIRED) Understanding of how FOSS community projects are built, ability to work within the community, for the community.
  • (DESIRED) Turbogears experience
  • (DESIRED) Current or Graduated Computer Science or Engineering
  • (PREFERRED) Existing Fedora contributor or Fedora/RH power user

Project Summary
This project extends the existing smolt hardware profiler to create a comprehensive Linux hardware compatibility database. Community members submit hardware details through smolt, and login to the web interface to submit additional information about their experience using those hardware components with Linux.   This web service should become a useful tool for the community, implemented by you plus community contributions, and database entries submitted by the community.

Examples of Stuff Tracked by this System:

  • Brand/Model #
  • Does it work?
  • Suspend/Resume works?
  • Hiberate/Resume works?
  • Fully FOSS driver that is integrated in upstream kernel or xorg works?
  • (more)
The resulting database can become a convenient hardware catalog that benefits users in several ways:
  • Easy to Browse/Search for Desktops, Laptops or Peripherals that work with Linux
  • Aid Development/Testing through component subscriptions (e.g. ajax could ask all 30 registered owners of a certain video card to test a new driver version)
  • Users can subscribe to receive notification of driver updates for their specific hardware.
  • Cross-reference hardware components with software versions and bug tickets
  • (more)

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