wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

Serious DST Bug in Android and Google Calendar Sync

There exists a serious issue affecting users who live in States like Arizona or Hawaii that do not observe DST where appointments in your calendar erroneously shift by one hour when DST changes in most States.  Searching around both Google Calendar Help and Android bugs it seems this has been going on since at least 2009.

To make matters worse, in this bug Google seems to be blaming the users for misconfiguring their phones or Google Calendar timezones.

This issue seems more insidious than simply a correctable "view" when you change the timezone settings.  Today I found that all of my one-time appointments had shifted one hour earlier, while weekly repeating appointments kept the correct time.  It seems the stored time itself was changed within Google Calendar's server-side for only a portion of appointments, so changing your view will not correct this error.  I may need to go through all of my appointments of the next year and manually decide if times need correction. =(
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