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Warren's Sprint Epic 4G Review

Just a few thoughts about the Sprint Epic 4G.

  • MUCH BETTER THAN EVO: I previously had the Evo 4G for 30 days.  It was a great phone, but I disliked the lack of hardware keyboard and the screen was just too wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S seems to be about the upper limit of acceptable phone size.
  • BEST SPRINT PHONE EVER, especially if you live in a 4G area.  I love the real hardware keyboard.  Battery life is pretty good.  Android UI and apps are very responsive.  The apps included by Sprint (Telenav, Swype) are more useful than the stock apps included on my friend's Verizon Droid Incredible.  I think it might even be currently the best Android phone out of all the carriers.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Not about the phone, but I think it is important to mention.   I've been with Sprint for the past decade.  I've witnessed lousy customer service a few years ago, but I stuck with Sprint largely because I was grandfathered into an extremely cheap legacy plan.  But in the last year or two I've noticed they've seriously turned things around.  Their 30 day return policy surprised me.  I disliked my previous Android phone.  They let me return it and reverted to my previous contract, no questions asked.
  • POOR USB PLACEMENT: Micro-USB on the top of the phone?  WTF were they thinking?  Makes it very annoying to talk on the phone while the USB cable is plugged in.
  • DOCK DISASTER: Samsung's official desk dock for the Epic 4G is a complete failure of design.  Even worse than Masochist's Teapot fail.  The phone does not behave differently while in the dock.  The screen remains in vertical orientation while the phone is horizontal in the dock.  The volume buttons are under the phone, out of reach so you cannot change the volume of music while it is docked.  To make matters worse placement into the dock often pushes on the volume buttons making it max out or mute the volume.  Finally, you cannot have the phone in either of the two cases that they sell in the Sprint store, because the phone will no longer fit into the dock.  Don't waste your money on the dock.  UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that you need to install an app for the dock to automatically become a horizontal desk clock.  So it isn't that bad.  Only why didn't they install this app by default?
  • ANNOYING BATTERY FULL NOTICE: When the battery is full, it chimes and asks you to unplug the USB charger.  Who thought this would be a good idea?  Nobody is going to follow those directions and it is annoying to hear the chime for no good reason a few hours after you went to sleep.
This is one seriously awesome phone.  Sadly they completely failed on the design of specific aspects like the USB port placement and dock.  At least the Battery Full notice could be fixed in a future firmware update.
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