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Music recording with jokosher - Disaster

I decided today that I would try to fix an arrangement of a song, and attempt to mix a recording using fully FOSS tools. For now all I have is my laptop running Fedora 12 and a headset (microphone + headphones) plugged into my laptop.
  • Sunday: Downloaded sheet music of an arrangement that looks plausible for a flute trio.
  • Monday 7:48pm: cjb tells me about the existence of jokosher.
    • 1.5 hours: Fighting bugs and design problems in the Linux desktop.
      • 30 minutes: figuring out why Fedora 12 wont print the sheet music to my printer. Eventually chose some non-obvious non-default menu options and PackageKit decided it needed to download some PPD package, and it began working.
      • jokosher got stuck and needed to be restarted a few times.
      • jokosher crashed a few times.
      • pulseaudio crashed twice.
      • During recording, playback of the other tracks would skip a lot.
      • jokosher exports the flattened audio with metronome enabled by default.
      • jokosher export would export an infinite size WAV file beyond the end of the recording.
      • nautilus when attempting to view Properties on that WAV file got stuck in a 100% loop.
      • lame can't recognize the file format of the WAV file exported by jokosher. oggenc worked fine.
    • 15 minutes: I discover that the arrangement was wrong. Listened to original song and guessed a middle voice that seems to make more sense.
    • 15 minutes: Three takes per part.
  • 9:50pm: OGG or MP3. Quality is very poor, 80% because this human didn't play for 6 years. 10% poor microphone, 10% microphone was too close to the air column (air noises). My next attempt will have a better microphone properly positioned. I will also try audacity instead of jokosher.
Brownie points to the first person who identifies the song title.
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