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nspluginwrapper Devel List


NSPluginwrapper Development discussion with the goal of isolating issues and collaboratively working on solutions should go on this list. There was some interest from other Linux distributions and even Adobe to cooperate on the future of nspluginwrapper development. Today it works fairly well, but there remain a number of issues where it is unclear if it is firefox, nspluginwrapper or a particular plugin's fault. The last few times I wanted to blame Flash for a problem it turned out to be firefox, nspluginwrapper or Fedora's NSS port of curl's fault. Isolating the problems to the true source is really important.

Related Issues:
Bug 456017: Adobe Reader pretty broken in nspluginwrapper

nspluginwrapper Windowless plugin: After using all the workarounds documented here, Adobe Flash Player 10 is still broken on some sites in nsplugniwrapper, while it works unwrapped. For example, Youtube videos embedded on Google News fails after a few seconds of playing in nspluginwrapper unless you use the WindowlessDisable=true workaround.

Other nspluginwrapper issues: Other websites fail even with the WindowlessDisable=true workaround. I need to remember to write down addresses when I hit these again...

Gwenole hopes Adobe can suggest a better way to proxy the OpenGL directives than the ugly hacks nspluginwrapper-1.1.0 currently uses. Gwenole, could you please describe exactly what you need on the list after everyone has joined?

The list could use 100% reproducer procedures with far less vagueness than these examples. Those test cases are needed to narrow down the true cause of various problems.
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