wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

PIdgin hits Rawhide

A pre-beta7 snapshot of pidgin-2.0.0 is in FE7, and gaim is now removed from Core.  This gives us a small window for  gaim-*  plugin package maintainers to rename the plugin packages, and for everyone to test that an upgrade from gaim to pidgin goes smoothly for the core application and all plugins.

nautilus-sendto seemed to be the only package within Core with a dep on gaim.  I have rebuilt nautilus-sendto without that gaim dep for now.  We will be able to re-add it later only after the distributions are merged, since pidgin is now in Extras.  We have put pidgin directly into Extras in order to avoid issues where it must build against other packages in Extras like meanwhile-devel.
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