wtogami (wtogami) wrote,

Ubuntu's Non-Story, Vote with your Dollars

Headline reads, "Ubuntu says no to non-free video drivers for Feisty"

On the surface the blurb summary on LWN made this look like good news for freedom and the community. But reading the actual linux.com article and technical board decision... they are only refraining from enabling the closed drivers by default.

Ubuntu continues to ship closed source proprietary drivers in potential violation of the GPL.

This is trading long-term liberty for short-term convenience.

The price of liberty is not free, nor is it comfortable. Fortunately in this case however, there is a reasonably comfortable choice. What if Free and Open Source Software communities to voted with their dollars and bought video hardware that had libre drivers?

Today with Intel video, you have the convenience of working video out-of-the-box with full 3D acceleration with upstream X.org and kernel support. Perhaps if more people voted with their dollars, the other hardware vendors would take FOSS software more seriously and become a more honest partner in order to compete.

Think about it.

Warren Togami,
Fedora Project

Note also the recent news of Intel finally releasing an IPW3945 driver suitable for the upstream kernel, by offloading the regulatory daemon into firmware. Good job Intel. As long as you continue to be a honest partner in the FOSS community, you have my dollar.

I'm soon buying a new laptop with Intel 950 video and IPW3945.
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